Geany colour scheme editor


This is Geany filetypes editor. I made it for myself but maybe you will find it useful. This is my first web based application and it's not working in all browsers.

With version 0.18 Geany introduced named styles. This application cannot work with them so you might have some problems (in fact it might not work at all) when you upload your own filetypes. This will not stop you from creating new schemas from (old) files you can find here as Geany will work fine with them.


Here is a list of browsers I've tested. All with default instalation and configuration. With some addon/extension/userjs things may be diferent.

Arora 0.7.0 (AppleWebKit/527+)work as expected
Chrome 2 (AppleWebKit/530.5)work as expected
Epiphany 2.24 (Gecko rv: as expected
Firefox 1.5 (Gecko rv: a minor issue(s) 1
Firefox 2 (Gecko rv: a minor issue(s) 1
Firefox 3 (Gecko rv: as expected
Flock 2.5 (Gecko rv: as expected
K-Meleon 1.5.3 (Gecko rv: a minor issue(s) 1
Konqueror 4.1.3 (KHTML/4.1.3)not working at all
Internet Explorer 6not working at all
Internet Explorer 7not working at all
Internet Explorer 8not working at all
Midori 0.1.1 (AppleWebKit/525.1+)work as expected
Opera 8.54not working at all
Opera 9.01have a major issue(s) 2
Opera 9.26work as expected
Opera 9.63work as expected
Opera 10.00work as expected
Safari 3.2.3 (AppleWebKit/525.28.3)work as expected
Safari 4 (AppleWebKit/528.18)work as expected
SeaMonkey 1.1.16 (Gecko rv: a minor issue(s) 1

1) colour is not shown in colour box but colour chooser works
2) colour chooser barely works (works only when colour value is entered manually)


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